High Peak Federation

How We Communicate

We use three primary methods to communicate with Parents and Carers.

  1. Website. Where we publish Newsletters and a Calendar of Events (for each school, tags per class/ year) and where you can give Permissions or make payments. Our website is accessible via desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Mobile app. Downloaded by this link, where our Newsletters and a Calendar of Events are also published and where you can also find links to our Twitter pages, Contacts and payment system.
  3. Communications App. A third party mobile app (provided by Teachers2Parents, downloaded by this link) where we publish urgent messages, news or reminders. It is also where access to School Money (our payment system) is found. This method can be used to broadcast to all Parents and Carers, or to specific individuals. You also have the ability to reply to us.

If there is the need for more urgent communication we will of course call you or catch you in the playground.

Website Mobile App Communications App (aka Teachers2Parents)
Newsletters Yes Yes
Calendar of Events Yes Yes
Permissions (via MS Forms) Yes (link to) Yes (link to)
School Money (via Eduspot) Yes (link to) Yes (link to) Yes (link to)
Teaching and Learning Yes
Specific school/ class/ year content Yes
Parent Zone Yes
Urgent messages, news or reminders (via Teachers2Parents) Yes