High Peak Federation

Pupil Premium Funding


Both schools in the Federation receive Pupil Premium funding. The funding has been mainly directed to accelerating progress for those children with specific need / barriers to learning; providing materials / resources to enhance provision for the children; to provide specialist care or to reduce costs for trips, clubs and residential; to offer enrichment for our more able children. The Pupil Premium has been utilised, in recent years, as follows:

  • Funding extra TA hours to support smaller and targeted Maths groups, or so the teacher can work with Pupil Premium children.
  • Providing 1:1 support for children with greatest need.
  • Providing support for children at break and lunch-times.
  • Purchase specialist input from education professionals.
  • Provide SATs booster sessions.
  • Release key staff for meetings involving Pupil Premium children.
  • Funding of staff CPD to support Pupil Premium children.
  • Funding involvement with Achievement for All for two years.
  • Purchase of Rapid Phonics and Rapid Reading schemes to support Reading progress.
  • Purchase of software to support the above.
  • Purchase of High Frequency Magnetic words and whiteboards to improve reading / spelling.
  • Purchase of IT Licences for Power of 2 Maths interventions.
  • Purchase of specialist Dyslexia friendly resources.
  • Purchase resources to enrich learning of More Able Pupil Premium children.
  • Pupil Premium funding was also used to pay for residential costs for children on FSM.
  • Offer enhanced Curriculum opportunities such as Forest Schools and School of Military.