High Peak Federation

School Day Timings

Mrs Barlow will be in the office 8.50 – 12.00 and 1.10 – 4.00

7.45      The out-of-school care club, ‘Foxes Den’, begins in the school hall

8.50      Teachers of classes go into the playground to supervise unaccompanied children and be available for parents. 

9.00      Teachers bring the children in from the playground and the day begins with registration 

10.40     Morning break for 15 minutes

12.00     Dinner in the hall for, Playtime for other classes.

1.00       Afternoon starts

2.15      Assembly Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

2.25      KS2 have a 10 minute break [discretionary]

2.40      EY and KS2 have a 10 minute break

3.25      Acorns are collected from their classroom.

3.30      Seedlings are dismissed from the playground door, Saplings from the Foxes’ Den door, Oak from the front door. Foxes’ Den

             children go straight to the hall when the class is dismissed, taking their coats and bags etc.

             After school activities begin.

The out-of-school care club Foxes’ Den runs until 5.30pm in the School Hall.