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Updates during Coronavirus 







Zoom Protocols

Dear Parents and Carers,

From Monday 11th January, children in all classes will be able to access regular Zoom sessions with their class teacher(s). We have trialled a few sessions so far and these have been well received. Adhering to the guidance detailed below, will help these sessions to run safely and successfully.

If you would like your child to participate, you will need to download the Zoom app before the session and familiarise yourself with how to use it. The Zoom app can be downloaded through your device app store, or Zoom can be accessed at

The sessions will be led by the class teacher, who will send you the meeting ID and password you need to access the session.

We hope the sessions will help the children to keep in contact with their peers and class teacher and also provide an opportunity to share experiences and thoughts about learning at home too. Although some of us will be well used to accessing Zoom, or similar platforms, others will be very new to the experience so it may take a little while for everyone to get up-to-speed with how it all works most effectively.

It is not a requirement that schools should provide such sessions, so I would like to thank the teachers for taking on another approach to supporting home learning in addition to all that is already being asked of them.

Mr Parry

Parent guidance for using Zoom

  • Online safety protocols must be followed at all times.
  • Please join the meeting and wait in the ‘lobby’ to be admitted – try to avoid being late for the session.
  • Parents will need to use a recognisable user name on Zoom, so the teacher can admit them into the meeting.
  • Your child should ‘mute’ their voice, until the class teacher lets them know it is okay to unmute.
  • During the session children should be supervised by a parent/carer.
  • Please ensure other household members are not close enough for users to hear their voices.
  • Please ensure that your child is in a suitable (not a bedroom) quiet room to limit noise, which will enable all users to hear one another.
  • Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately.
  • Please ensure the language of children and adults is appropriate at all times.
  • Some Zoom sessions will be at the same time each day. Meetings such as these can be scheduled and we can use the same login (Meeting ID and Password) for every session. Some Zoom sessions might be at different times and therefore need a fresh login for each session. Either way, you will be provided with the login details prior to the session and it is important that these logins are kept private to those in the group.
  • Zoom sessions should not be used by parents to ask staff about wider home learning issues - any such issues should be asked using email / T2P.

The following link will provide everything you need to know about using Zoom:

Newsletter 080121

Dear Parent / Carer,

We obviously need to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

However, it has been an extremely challenging start to this Spring Term for our school communities. On Monday morning, we welcomed children back to classrooms that had been prepared with displays for new topics with much time invested in planning exciting learning for the children too. It was lovely to see the children on Monday and many were really looking forward to their new topics and left at the end of the day keen to return on Tuesday. To be informed after 8pm that school closures, apart from Critical Worker’s and Vulnerable children, would follow was incredibly poor timing.

We have worked so hard at trying to organise provision for those who need to be in school, alongside arranging home learning too. The uptake of places in school is much higher than back in March 2021. Whilst some schools closed on the Tuesday for all children, we opened our doors for those families who needed places, whilst starting to get our heads around organising learning for all. We have offered places for all children that have requested them and also offered places for our more vulnerable children too. We have heard of some schools capping numbers – this certainly is not the ethos for us.

This has presented an extra challenge as in some classes we have an equal split between those at home and those at school. Staff are now presented with planning and delivering teaching for two groups of mixed age children at the same time! We have put together home learning systems that, we hope, will continue the learning for those who need to be at home. Some of this is already working really well, with everyone having detailed provision organised by Monday 11th January at the latest.

We have provided login details for those who had misplaced them and reminders of how to access the systems used previously. Please use email or T2P if you have requests, as Facebook isn’t accessed by all.

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different at home and do not want children to miss out on learning if we can support it better. With this in mind, please consider the following:


  1. We know some families find accessing remote online learning a real challenge. If you would prefer hard copies of learning packs we can provide them if you let us know that is what you require.
  2. We know some families do not have the necessary devices, or access to sufficient / reliable broadband, Wi-Fi, data allowances, etc. to access remote online learning. On Tuesday, some new initiatives were launched to provide such resources. As always, the applications for these resources requires much form filling and evidence that they are required. If you are struggling to access home learning due to issues of a lack of devices / inadequate broadband, Wi-Fi, data allowances, etc.. please email school to explain what is required and we will do our upmost to find a solution.

Please use email to reply with responses to the above requests, or need to communicate with school about home learning.

Thank you to those who have sent us kind messages of support – we are trying our best, under lots of pressure, to meet everyone’s needs. We would hope that any initial glitches have been ironed out by next week and look forward to learning together; however that is shaped.

Kind Regards,

Mr Parry and the High Peak Federation Team


Letter to Class Two parents

Letter to Class One and Three parents