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Welcome to  Saplings!


Saplings is a Year 4 class  taught by Miss Fitzpatrick. Our amazing teaching assistants Miss Birchenall, Miss Andrews and Mrs Jodrell also support us regularly in our learning throughout the week.  Miss Kelly is continuing to give extra support to children’s emotional well-being as our ELSA.

We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to during the year. This term we are studying Egypt with a focus on History and Geography. We have an Egyptian sleepover in school planned for Friday 19th November.  We are hoping to visit a museum for an Egyptian workshop day. 

To see an in-depth curriculum plan click here!


  Just a few things to remember! 

  • PAS is on a Thursday morning. Full PE kit should be brought into school. As it is getting cold now, we recommend bringing in joggers, a jumper and trainers along with your usual shorts, top and pumps so you will be equipped  for PE both outside and inside.
  • Swimming takes place on Monday morning: remember your swimming kit!
  • We highly recommend that the children read every day. It is important that the children have the opportunity to develop their reading abilities and regular reading practice is the most effective method for this. Please bring reading books and reading records back to school daily. 


We get up to lots of exciting things in Saplings class! We have lots of things planned and we are looking forward to getting started! 




Throughout lockdown, we made a series of videos which you can watch below. They are the videos that we have made with all the members of staff at school. 


First, check out our leavers video for the class of 2021!

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1



So.. what have we been up to? Check out our class blog from previous years


 Previous years!

We have had an extremely busy term! We welcomed back Mrs Jones to the Class. She was missed very much when she was off and we are really happy she is back! 

Christmas was full of fun! We had our house challenge morning, Christingle, Christmas assembly, Key Stage 2 Party and the Golden Book assembly! 

Congratulations for the fantastic pupils in Class 2 for winning the school attendance award with a record breaking highest attendance of a class since we started the award! Well Done! 



Autumn Half term! 

Wow! We have had a fantastic start back at school! We have started our Viking project for the term, which is to plan and put on a Viking Village Fayre! We discovered that the Vikings used to celebrate the harvest with a festival called Mabon, so we are going to put on a Mabon festival for everyone to come and visit. 



June/July 2018 


We have been hard at work preparing for the school play and the end of term. We each did our own Roman Projects and we have researched lots of exciting things! 

Our production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits was absolutely fantastic and everyone performed really well! Well done everyone! 

We also went on a trip the DEWA Roman Experience in Chester. We had a great day learning all about the Romans and how they lived. 

We also spent a lot of time working on a video project. This involved us use lots of editing software and video footage. We even used a drone to help us film! Here is the project! (Sorry about the audio) The song is from the Greatest Showman, we didn't compose the music but we have changed the words (we do not own the song) 

May 2018


We started off the month with some wondeful cheerleading to build up to our Cheer Fest at New Mills Arts theatre. We worked hard on our routine for a long time! 

The event took place on the 8th May. There were lots of other schools there. We cheered for all the other teams and for Miss Fitzpatrick when she had to go and dance on stage! We had a great day!

In Science, we began to explore sound and light. We went on a sound walk around school and outside school. We had to be very quiet and describe all the diferent sounds we had heard very carefully!

In Maths, we are continuing to look at the different ways we can visually represent fractions and decimals. We looked in particular at counting in tenths in both fractions and decimals. 

April 2018

We came back to start the Easter term with our minds switched on and awake! We began with a visit from Menna Fitzpatrick - Britain’s most successful winter Paralympian. She is also Miss Fitzpatrick’s sister. It was very odd having two Miss Fitzpatrick’s in class! She gave us a talk about what it was like in Korea and she showed us all her gold medal! 
In literacy, we started a topic on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We loved the book and we were inspired to create our own adventure stories. We created scenes with lots of snowy imagery and some of it went on the board! 
We went to visit St George’s church in New Mills. We went to learn all about Easter! It was great fun! 
In Maths we went on a symmetry hunt. We had to create symmetrical images and describe how they were symmetrical. Also, as a part of shape week, we learnt about 3D shapes and nets. We made some 3D shapes from some nets.

For our homework, over the Easter holidays, we could research different aspects of The Romans and create a Romans project. We had lots of different creative projects from a Roman toilet to a working trebuchet. It was a fantastic bunch of projects! 

To start off our work on the Romans, we had a go at being Archaeologists! We had a big bucket of sand and mug brought in and we had to search through it to discover hidden Roman coins. We had to be careful we didn't get them mixed up with more modern coins though! 

March 2018

This month has been a busy one! We have had lots of exciting adventures! Despite loosing a few days to the snow, we still did lots of exciting things! At the end of March we had an Easter egg hunt in the gardens. We had to follow the maths clues to find the locations of the eggs. They were very well hidden! 


Miss Fitzpatrick went on a crazy adventure, all the way to Korea! She went to go and see her little sister Menna in the Paralympic games. Menna is visually impaired and we learnt all about her before Miss Fitzpatrick left! She sent us lots of videos of what was happening and we heard of exciting news! Menna won one bronze and two silvers by the time the week was nearly over. By the time we were back in school the next week, it was a GOLD! 


We also had world book day this month. We all came into school dressed as our favourite characters from so many books. We had an Alice in Wonderland tea party, with lots of food. We tried to eat lots of healthy food and we all drank water. 


We also had some replies from our letters which we sent out last term. We got a letter from Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. We also got a very exciting package from our friends in Norway! We were very excited!


In Design and Technology, we were studying the different foods from around the world. We researched lots of different bread recipes from around the world and we decided to make our own using ingredients from around the world. We wanted to make it healthy, so we added in dried fruits and vegetables. We also added in olives, sun dried tomatoes and cinnamon (Not all in the same loaf).  We had to describe our method and evaluate our work.

February 2018

We did lots of exciting things this term. We started with Chinese New Year. We were also doing some measuring in Maths so we pushed the two together and baked fortune cookies.


Our topic for this term is 'EXTREME EARTH!' so we set up Everest base camp in the classroom. We wrote on Buddhist prayer flags and we sent postcards home. We also sang songs, had warm drinks and sat around the campfire. We told each other stories in the tents. It was a super day! 


We also had real life maths week in February. For one whole week we did lots of real life activities. We worked out how much wallpaper  and carpet we would need in our dream houses. We went shopping online and we planned holidays on a budget. We learnt about things like taxes, student loans and insurance. We also all picked out our own job and had to plan our week around a salary. 

January 2018 


This month we started our Extreme Earth topic. We began by monitoring the weather in New Mills. We created rain gauges to monitor the amount of rainfall we had. We took measurements every morning and we made sure that we collected it at the same time. 


In Maths, we were measuring. We were making potions out of some rather unusual ingredients. We used these ingredients to create lots of different potions like, the Smartie Pants Potion or the Smiley Solution. We had to measure and sometimes convert them into different units of measurements. 

We also studied the polar ice tundra. We made videos that show how a polar ice cap can flip and turn on its own! Kanchenjunga group even caught it on camera! They even edited it themselves! Check it out!