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Governing Body

The Governing Body have a key role to play in supporting the school. The Body meets regularly during the year and ensures the school is doing everything that is required to ensure the children are kept healthy and safe, are taught well and make progress and are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum. The Governing Body also ensures all legal responsibilities of the school are followed properly and that future plans are clear and well thought out. The Governing Body is also involved with all new school appointments and ensures the school uses its budget effectively too.

The Governing Body are volunteers from the community - some are parents, some are staff, some work within the area and some come from farther afield! They also visit the school outside of more formal meetings and help to evaluate how well the school is doing in supporting the children.

We have reconstituted our Governing Body to meet new requirements.

We are also now working even more collaboratively with our Cluster - which is named PEGS (Peak Edge Group of Schools). Governors are now meeting with colleagues from other schools to tackle issues together, offer support and find common goals. Initial meetings have made some significant steps towards the common vision of better outcomes for the children.

The Governing Body ensures the school monitors closely all aspects of provision. The Governors support the schools yearly monitoring process. The school carries out a monitoring schedule and detailed evidence, findings and reports are produced. These are published for all Governors to share on the secure area of the Governing Body area of the website. 

Our Governing Body

Staff Governors:

Mr A Parry (Head teacher)

I have been Head teacher at Thornsett since September 2010 and am also Executive Head teacher at Newtown Primary School too. My recent appointments have been in small schools and I understand clearly the many benefits, and also challenges, that result. The collaboration between the two schools has been a very positive experience during the last 12 months. The knowledge, support and passion to improve outcomes the governing body has demonstrated, is a key to providing positive learning experiences for our school community.

Mrs R Belli

Mrs H Petters

LEA Governors:

Vacancy from Feb 2017

Parents Governors:


Mrs A Kendall

I am a parent governor at Thornsett Primary School as well as being the Chair of the Premises and Finance Sub-Committee. I  live in New Mills with my husband and my daughter. I have worked within mental health services in the NHS for the past 12 years in a range of roles including Business Development, Strategic Planning and service development. I am passionate about ensuring that children have a good foundation in primary education to provide them with the greatest opportunity to flourish and achieve their potential.

Mrs R Collins

I live in New Mills with my husband and two children. I have worked as a primary school teacher for 12 years so can bring my enthusiasm and knowledge of my job to this role. So far as governor, I have attended a New Governors course and Ofsted Ready training. I have attended a range of other courses at work including safeguarding.Vacancy from Feb 2017.

Mrs P Pearson

Originally from the West coast of Scotland, I moved to New Mills in 2004, and I love it here. I live with my husband, and two sons who both attend the school. I have worked in learning in Museums and Visitor attractions for 15 years and I am lucky to still learn something new every day. I would like to support the school to inspire a love of learning in every child.

Co-opted Governors:

Mr A Barrow (chair)

My name is Alan Barrow, I am married to Sue and we have one grown up son Ian. I was an Electrical Engineer by profession but I am now retired. I am a High Peak Borough Councillor for New Mills East Ward and have been a governor at Thornsett Primary School for some 12 years and Chair for the last 2 years. My interests include working our allotment and helping on my friends farm.
If you would like a chat about anything at school give me ring.


Mrs A Slater

Originally from Norwich, I now live in Hayfield. I have a longstanding interest in education and was a primary school teacher for 25 years prior to taking up my present role in Tameside, as Divisional Secretary for the National Union of Teachers. My current job gives me the opportunity to speak to teachers and headteachers working across a range of educational settings, which provides me with a useful insight into the operation of a variety of schools.

Mr R Webber (vice-chair)

I have a PhD in English Language and Education and have worked as an education adviser for over thirty years in many third-world countries. I am currently working part-time for the European Union on curriculum development in Tajikistan. I have two primary age grandchildren and am eager, through being a Thornsett Governor, to support the development of the very best education system for primary school children in England.”


2017 -2018

3.10.2017 - Full GB




14 and 16.9.2016 - Safeguarding Audit

14.9.2016 - PEGS Governors

19.10.2016 - Gov. Body Meeting at school (7pm)

15.11.2016 - HT Performance Management

16.11.2016 - Finance and Premises (6pm)

16.11.2016 - Standards & Staffing (7pm)

23.11.2016 - SIRR Meeting (1.15pm)

18.1.2017 - Gov Ofsted Training (6.30-8.30pm)


              - STAFFING AND STANDARDS 7-8PM


22.2.2017 - FULL GOVERNORS 7-9PM

26.4.2017 - FULL GOVERNORS 7-9PM








21.10.2015 - Gov. Body Meeting at school

18.11.2016 - PEGS Meeting (Head teachers and Governors)

2.11.2016 - SIRR Meeting

2.11.2016 - Safeguarding Audit

30.11.2016 - HT Performance Management

11.1.2016 - PEGS Meeting (Head teachers and Governors)

1.3.2016 - PEGS Meeting

7.3.2016 -  Governor Briefing (6.30pm at Glossopdale)

9.3.2016 - Governing Body Meeting at school (7pm)

15.3.2016 - SEND Governor Training

16.3.2016 - PEGS Meeting (Chairs of Governing Bodies)

17.3.2016 - Welcome to Clerking training

11.4.2016 - Safeguarding for Small schools (Head teachers and Governors) at Anthony Gel 4.30pm

4.5.2016 - Finance Meeting am

11.5.2016 - Full Governing Body Meeting 7pm

26.4.2016 - Safer Recruitment training (Chair) at Leewood 9.15am - 4.30pm

29.4.2016 - Safeguarding Refresher for Deputy Designated Lead 9.30am - 12.30pm

10.6.2016 - Finance for Small schools (Head teachers and Governors) at John Flamstead 1.30pm

13.7.2016 - School Review 6 - 9pm




23.10.2014 - Review of school year

26.11.2014 - Gov. Body Meeting

13.1.2015 - New Governor training at New Mills Nursery School 6-9pm

28.1.2015 - Gov. Body Meeting at school 7pm

25.2.2015 - Gov. Body Meeting at school 7pm

12.3.2015 - Safeguarding Training for Governors and Staff 6pm

1.7.2015 - Gov. Body Meeting at school 7pm


We will meet on October 16th to review the year and set targets for 2013/2014.

We met with our link advisor to consider attainment and progress for the last school year and what we need to focus on to meet the targets Ofsted have given us.

 We were delighted that for the second consecutive year, Thornsett pupils’ progress was judged to be well beyond that which should be expected.  We congratulated our hardworking and talented staff team, and the children, for their achievements; and we looked at ways that we as governors can play our part in supporting the school to carry on going from strength to strength.

 One of the governors’ aims is to spread the word about Thornsett and the special opportunity for education in small classes with a rich, vibrant curriculum that we offer.  Our plans include using modern media for publicity, and improving our kerb appeal and outdoor space.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 20th September at 7pm - where we will concentrate on the revised Financial Auditing tool.

We met on Friday 7th October to review the progress made by the school during the last 12 months. We discussed the school's key priorities for the future and put ideas forward for the next school development plan.

The AGM was held on Thursday 3rd November. Suzanne Handford was voted in as new Chair of the Governing Body.

The meeting on Wednesday 23rd November was a good opportunity to share progress and present the school's plans for the next year.

We met on Thursday 28th June to discuss much progress made this year.

The Governing Body met on Thursday 11th November to elect Chair and Vice Chair, review how the Governing Body can work even more effectively and to approve the school's current School Improvement Plans. The Governing Body do a super job of supporting our school and helping it to continually develop and make progress.


  • Thursday 20th January 2011 at 7pm - Full Governing Body (SIRR Report - Richard Foulkes School Advisor) 
  • Thursday 17th February 2011 at 7pm - Full Governing Body (Monitoring of School Key Priorities - Richard Foulkes School Advisor)
  • Thursday 7th April at 5pm - Finance Committee 
  • Thursday 14th April 2011 at 7pm - Full Governing Body 
  • Wednesday 29th June 2011 at 5pm - Full Governing Body