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Thornsett Primary School

Our Curriculum (including Phonics)


Thornsett Primary School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Curriculum in Reception and the National Curriculum in Years 1 to 6. In order to make learning fun and relevant, we use a thematic approach to teaching which is inspired by the interests of the children themselves.

The children have a big say in their learning at Thornsett. Their ideas are included in our Topic plans and help us to teach both knowledge and skills across many curriculum areas such as History, Art and Design and Computing. English and Mathematics are taught daily, sometimes in discrete lessons, but often using the topic theme as a stimulus for work in these subjects too.

There are, of course, times when some subject content does not fit in with a class theme; these areas are taught discretely to ensure full coverage of the curriculum. We are continually improving our Curriculum delivery and are committed to offering the children a rich and broad learning experience. This year we have introduced Clarinet lessons for all our children in Mersey Class, Modern Foreign Language lessons for all the children and have invested in learn pad tablets to improve our delivery of computing and ICT skills. We also invest time in developing the children's confidence, support and respect for one another and their leadership skills too. We are developing and revising our Curriculum delivery in response to the New Curriculum - this has led to new units of work being covered particularly in Science and GAPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) and children taught units earlier in Maths.

Children at Thornsett receive high quality PHONICS teaching. We use a variety of different schemes including Letters and Sounds, Bug Club, Octonauts, Mr. Thorne does Phonics, amongst others. This is supported by providing children with a comprehensive and varied Reading Scheme which includes Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and a range of other literature to help children with their phonics learning and reading development.

We are now required to actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We also explore how well Britain supports vulnerable members of our society. At Thornsett we have always endeavored to promote these important areas. We regularly debate and discuss school issues with the children and have our even School Council as well as children involved with the High Peak Kids Council. We have agreed school rules linked to rewards and sanctions developed with the children and have a weekly Newsround Assembly which covers current important British and World issues. We also have a themed R.E. and British Values week during the Summer Term where the whole school collectively look at different faiths and beliefs and the values that are a key part of living in Britain.

A key element to enhancing the Curriculum delivery at Thornsett is our involvement with the wider community. We get involved every week with learning beyond our school, have regular visitors, enjoy school trips to different towns and cities, get involved with supporting those more needy than ourselves and try hard to develop those important 'life skills' needed for adult life.

By visiting the Thornsett Blog pages you will get a real flavour of how the curriculum 'comes alive' for the children at Thornsett.


Click on the link to see our current Curriculum Overview.