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Special Educational Needs


End Of Key Stage Two Outcomes for SEND children

We analyse the outcomes for those pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). We do receive some additional funding for these pupils. However, the majority are supported without direct funding. By delivering quality first teaching and appropriate interventions the SEND pupils at Thornsett also make very good progress.

Those Year Six children with SEND, but no statement, outperformed children Nationally in ALL areas with SIGNIFICANT (well above) outcomes in Maths and Reading.

Whole school progress was Good to Outstanding too:

The Overall Progress for SEND children was 4.9 APS

The Reading Progress for SEND children was 5 APS

The Writing Progress for SEND children was 4.1 APS

The Maths Progress for SEND children was 5.6 APS

This is the second successive year that progress for this group of pupils has been Good to Outstanding


SEND Information Report

As a school we are mindful of and comply with expectations of the SEND Code of Practice and Disability Discrimination Act as shown in our policies displayed on our website.

We use different interventions and approaches to address specific areas of needs and would look carefully at your child’s individual needs when deciding how best to support your child.

We are also working closely with our A4A coaches to understand better implications of the latest SEND reforms and will undertake SEND reform training in the Summer Term 2015.

More information on support available within Derbyshire can be found on the Derbyshire Local Offer website here:


Thornsett Local Offer

Follow the link to see our Thornsett Local Offer 2016/2017